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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by themadmovieman 9 / 10

Horrendously unfunny

I really liked the original Zoolander, with its unique brand of cleverly dumb comedy, but I never thought we needed a sequel. Nonetheless, when Zoolander 2 was announced, I was looking forward to it, and with a couple of pretty entertaining trailers, I thought that this wasn't going to be one of those awful comedy sequels.Oh, how wrong I was.I'm sorry to say that Zoolander 2 is easily one of the worst comedy sequels I've ever seen. Apart from a couple of chuckles, it failed to make me laugh on a consistent basis, further angering me as it got more and more boring and irritating as the film unfolded. Its story makes absolutely no sense, and the narrative gets completely tangled up on numerous occasions, destroying any enjoyment you could have found in the film away from the terrible comedy, making this a thoroughly dull and difficult movie to watch from start to finish.The main thing we have to talk about here is how bad the comedy is. All comedy sequels are tough to do, but normally, by keeping everything pretty similar, you can get an entertaining movie. The problem with Zoolander 2 is that it completely fails to deliver the brilliant sense of humour that first film had.The original Zoolander wasn't a dumb film, in fact it was a really clever comedy that centred around a dumb character. The jokes were well-written, and the majority of the humour stemmed from those main characters. In the sequel, however, the comedy is just dumb. Relying WAY too heavily on celebrity cameos for cheap laughs, and just completely underwhelming gags on a constant basis, there's very little to laugh at.I will admit I chuckled a couple of times. Benedict Cumberbatch's slightly offensive transgender character that you've seen in the trailers was pretty good, and a couple of the jokes they did satirising modern social media and hipsters etc. weren't too bad either.Apart from that, this is a hugely unfunny film, and I'd say about 95% of all of the jokes completely miss the mark. Sometimes, when there was a joke, it would take me a few seconds to realise that it was actually meant to be funny. And when I say sometimes, I mean pretty much all the time, which shows you just how unfunny this is.Now, that's the main objective of a comedy: to make you laugh. But, seeing as that failed completely in Zoolander 2, maybe the story could have salvaged something.No, it didn't. The plot here is absolutely atrocious. Whilst the first film had a clear focus, Derek being brainwashed to kill the Malaysian Prime Minister, everything in the sequel is all over the place. At some points they're looking for the assassins, sometimes they're just trying to do fashion, sometimes they want to find Derek's son, and all sorts of other rubbish that made this a hugely messy film that failed to interest or entertain me at any point.Now, I've been really harsh to Zoolander 2 here, and although I think it definitely deserves heavy criticism, there is one thing that I do have to praise, and that's Ben Stiller's directing. Much like the first film, Zoolander 2 looks very stylish, just like the world of high fashion should be. Every scene is fantastically put together, the action sequences are brilliantly choreographed, and it is generally a very nice film to look at.That's it for positives, though. Overall, Zoolander 2 was a painfully disappointing film. It completely fails to live up to its predecessor, but most importantly, it almost never makes you laugh, and with such a huge amount of jokes coming your way, it becomes quickly annoying and horrendously dull to watch.

Reviewed by mrtomblake 9 / 10


I took the opportunity to a watch a preview of Zoolanader 2. The first Zoolander is a favourite of mine. Unfortunately Zoolander 2 failed to deliver the same level of comedy. Gags kept missing the mark. At one point when I sensed there was a joke on the way, I made a conscious effort to listen out for laughter in the screening room. There was silence. The narrative kept grinding to a halt to accommodate the celebrity cameos, all of which were painfully dull. At the start of the film we see Zoolander and Hansel as old, lame and out of touch. I found this to be a little depressing. I questioned if they had waited too long to make this film. Things did improve towards the end. The plot had direction, it had more energy and Will Ferrell had a couple of funny moments. Sadly it wasn't enough.

Reviewed by gimpchrist 9 / 10

Really Really, Ridiculously Good Movie Sequel Film To The First Movie That Was Made

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Reviewed by BlueFire1020 9 / 10

Great Sequel, Behind the Times

I am going to just say, Derek Zoolander & Hansel's first movie was dynamite stuff, really classic and really quite funny. It was always a cool time to pop in my VHS tape with some popcorn and stuff. So when I saw that they had made the second sequel movie film to the first movie that was made, you can bet I was super excited and pumped for it.Well, rightly so, what a film movie! It was perfect. It wasn't recycled at all, it was still just Derek and Hansel being really cool guys and stuff. I was sorry to hear about Derek and his stuff that he had going on, I didn't know it was such a rough time off the runway and stuff, you know, but thats real life, it can sometimes be not the place you ever want to end up ever. It can make you die. So anyway, the scripting was fantastic, and the plot was just great. The cameos were all just fabulously wonderful and absolutely sexy. rawr, folks.All in all, I adored it. And I'm fantastically happy no one else does, because I can have it all to myself, just like the first one. Hah. Suck on that, critics. You just don't get the grown up's humor. Humph. I need a roasted butterscotch latte.Ciao

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