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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by emdeecee15 9 / 10

The best space expedition in years

Relatively unimpressive works like Prometheus (2012) and Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) have put 77-year-old Ridley Scott's directorial prowess under scrutiny as of late. The Martian is Scott's response to these sentiments. With a level of humanity that Gravity (2013) could only dream of and a precision that Interstellar (2014) never achieved, The Martian is definitively the best space mission I've been on in years. Based on the book by Andy Weir, The Martian follows the Ares III mission to Mars. Due to an intense sandstorm, the Ares team is forced to abort their mission and flee the planet's surface. During their departure, botanist Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) is struck by debris and lost by his crew. Presumed dead, the team cuts their losses and sets out for Earth, only to find out later that Watney has survived and is awaiting rescue. Much like Scott's sci-fi classic Alien (1979), The Martian features an enormous ensemble cast full of some of the most talented actors in today's market. This is the first of many reasons why this film works on such a deep level. No aspect of the narrative feels peripheral because each character is fully fleshed out and critical to the story's structure. Every person is given purpose and dignity, which deeply enhances the film's connection with the audience. This is primarily because Drew Goddard's script, and subsequently Weir's novel, is written with such charisma and wit that it's near impossible not to become profoundly attached to the characters, namely Watney. His sense of humor, which is so well developed that the theater I found myself in erupted with laughter on several occasions after some snarky insight or sardonic remark about his situation, keeps the entire movie afloat. Watney remains simultaneously very conversational and intimate throughout and is definitely the most likable protagonist this year has seen thus far. This allows for all his hardships to connect with the audience that much more. After watching this man's incredible ability to remain calm through such an ordeal, seeing him break down becomes almost too much to bear. It's this profound humanity that makes the story so interesting. The Martian is nearly a two-and-a-half hour movie, but not once did I find myself checking the time. I could've watched Watney wander around Mars forever, observing as he sarcastically mutters to himself about the absurdity of his situation while simultaneously performing miracles of science not thought possible. After leaving the theater, I found it difficult to come to terms with the fact that I had just watched a work of fiction, not an actual biopic, precisely because Watney is so well rendered. He's a living, breathing human being, just like the rest of us.The film's supreme sense of realism is spearheaded by the way it so logically and casually implements the science of its fiction, a skill that won't be found in most other films of this nature. For example, I have little to no idea what was actually happening in Interstellar, and for those of you who haven't seen it, I can almost guarantee the same confusion awaits you unless you're a quantum physicist. I'm certainly not a scientist, and chances are you aren't either, so when a film presents concepts that are unfathomable to the average citizen, few people benefit. The Martian avoids this problem altogether for two reasons: the first is the fact that the entire film is based in science that transcends theory. Much of what is seen on- screen is accurate to where we stand today. The narrative of the film is supposed to take place in the very near future, so most of the technology seen is either already in existence or just a few years away ? something that Interstellar most certainly cannot lay claim to. The second reason why The Martian remains so accessible to the scientifically illiterate is that Watney explains everything he's doing in detail as he does it, getting into the nitty-gritty of every process he undertakes and every feat he achieves. For him, he's just talking to himself while documenting his experience, but for us, he's giving a clear, understandable account of how one could possibly survive on Mars while not being in any way prepared to do so. This didacticism keeps the film wholly engaging and credible throughout. But the film's narrative isn't great just because it's so fascinating and thorough ? its also incredibly well structured and paced. I wasn't sold on Gravity because of its relentlessness. Every possible thing that could've gone wrong did go wrong, and after a while that has a numbing effect. I can't be completely invested in a character's struggle if A. I don't know them very well and B. the level of danger they're in is so constant and explosive that it borders on absurdity. The Martian understands this. It doesn't test the limits of its characters by throwing everything and the kitchen sink at them. Instead, it provides only intermittent crises. It allows for the audience to become invested in the improbable success of Watney and then tests both him and the audience at just the right moment. This allows for bursts of intensity and subsequent release that establish the emotional intelligence of the whole film. That being said, it's still early in the year and Oscar season has only just begun, but for now, The Martian is the best movie of 2015. Ridley Scott has been the king of science fiction for several decades, and it doesn't look like he's going anywhere anytime soon.

Reviewed by j-lindsay-sens 9 / 10

Great movie..worth the watch

This movie isn't full of non stop action, but its about a man stuck on mars, and his survival. I had the pleasure of reading the book before hand, and was hands down better than the movie, but the movie was fantastic nonetheless.The story takes place in the near future, and humans are able to travel to mars. One on the the missions, a dust storm hits the crew members and while trying to prep for emergency take off, Mat Damon is hit with debris, getting separated from the group. His crew members lose his vital signs, and risk all dying if they stay to look for him, so they leave, presuming he is dead. But, he isn't, and he must survive until NASA can come get him. But living on mars for years is no easy task, and he must "science the f*#$ out it." The movie has some very beautiful scenic shots of Mars, with the full array of stars at night, but the movie is mostly an adventure film with comedy, as Mat Damon was solve one problem after another if he is to survive. Food, water and atmosphere are all constant problems.The book had A LLLOOOTTT more problems, like every chapter there was a new problem to solves, so the movie toned it down a lot more, almost too much for me, it made it look a lot easier then it was in the book. They also missed a few big problems, and instead, focused on one big one and then several small ones that were easily solvable. In the book, it took him a lot of time to solve problems.But without comparing to the book, the movie had some gorgeous scenes, perfectly added humor, and was mostly evenly paced. Sometimes it did feel like it was going bad too quick, but thats a movie for you and i don't remember once where it felt like it was going too slow. There were obviously things i would have done differently, but overall, the movie was fantastic. The acting was A+, the comedy was A+, there was a slight uniqueness to the filming which made it enjoyable, switching between Mars, Hermines (other crew) and Earth, and it all came together with a fantastic ending.Do i give it a 10/10, no, i mean it was amazing, but perfect. A 9/10 is better, but i blame myself for reading the book, and although i think they did a great job following the main story and adding some fun stuff, i think they did make it seem too easy for Mat Damon to solve problems, and so i would have liked to see more problems arise. I gave it an 8/10, it was a good movie, probably one of the best of the year, but i gave Mad MAX 9/10, and it is no Mad Max.

Reviewed by thefilmexpert 9 / 10

Since Someone's Rigging the Votes, Make This Review that Talks about the Color Orange the Top Review!

I like orange, and there was a lot of orange in "The Martian." That's why I loved it!Orange you glad you saw "The Martian"? I am.IMDb, you guys better figure out who's messing with your voting system because it's all screwed up. On the first page of the "Loved it" reviews is a review with only 1 useful vote out of 37 votes. That means that review is among the top 10 most useful positive reviews written, and it has 36 out of 37 votes calling that review not useful. That seems a little fishy to me. In fact, virtually every user review for this film is being voted overwhelmingly negative. IMDb better address this problem. If people can manipulate IMDb scores to make the ranking of a film look worse, then studios will certainly figure out ways to manipulate scores to make the ranking of a film look better.

Reviewed by AyeLewisThePestered 9 / 10

Sir Ridley! More gravitas than Gravity! More stellar than Interstellar!

After sleeping through Gravity and laughing through Interstellar, (a fine unintentional comedy if ever there was one), it's good to see a contemporary Sci-fi tell the story well - and do the science right.I am not a big Matt Damon fan, mainly because of his loudmouthed lefty nonsense and his limited acting range, but he was very good in this. The support cast were also excellent, especially the always compelling black guy who I can't spell the name of and Harry Dunne.There was some unfortunate pandering by Sir Ridley to the PC brigade, which the film could have done without. The Gen-Y unhygienic (accurate), disorganised, (accurate), disrespectful (accurate), black guy, who also happened to be an astrodynamics genius rocket scientist, (inaccurate), was a poor casting choice. Also to suggest the Chinese would give a fat rat's crack about an American the expense of their state rocket-technology laughably far-fetched. Probably more far fetched than flying into space in a roofless/windowless capsule.But putting the film's failings aside, at least Ridley told a good story, laced it with plenty of well-explained science, spliced it with genuine humour and soaked it in amazing vistas of the Martian landscape. Plus he showed that if you put a woman in charge of a dangerous mission, she will ultimately fail. This degree of honesty is refreshing, in an age where every second antagonist is a flimsy female (beating up men ten times her size), or a female weapons expert/assassin/whatever.Show em as they are, Ridley. Well done.All in all a great film where I expected a load of boring tripe.8/10.

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