The Hatching


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Thomas Turgoose as Caesar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Flow 9 / 10

Pointless and almost no plot.

Crocodile movie with very little crocodile, screen deaths, but tried to copy Lake Placid as much as possible.In order to understand the copy cat reference you'll have to watch it, but that's a sin right there, as there is no reason to do so. Even tho it is a short one, it seems to last forever, and the ending just goes on and on. The acting is amateur, the camera is weak, almost no crocodile action, and some gore coming from different directions.It was a complete waste of time. I don't get the comedy part so much, I guess it just couldn't take itself serious. And the ending. That part was truly unbearable!Cheers!

Reviewed by Leslie-beacham 9 / 10

Excellent entertainment

I was an extra in this film and have seen it twice at private showings. Firstly, I doubt that an abundance of Oscars will be handed out for the film (although the sound was pretty good). The actors, despite some having a natural Liverpool / Yorkshire / Lancashire accents, could speak fluently in the required English West-Country accent (something I have been trying to do for the last thirty four years)! What is brilliant about the story is that it is out of the ordinary. Having slept mostly through "Turner", wondered how anyone could think up a story such as "Gravity", I have also now become tired of "Game Boy Movies". For those wondering, "Game Boy Movies" are for the lazy game boy player - you don't need to push the buttons as it is done for you on screen. Taking this into account, "The Hatching" is a brilliant release. A "Horror/Comedy", it connects with the ordinary person - you and me in a horror situation and therefore something that everyone can relate to. Although there are a couple of OMG moments in it, the horror is based more or less the same as seen in "Hot Fuzz" (a sort of tongue-in-cheek affair). You can be laughing one minute and jumping out of your seat the next. It is "Shakespearian" in that it has two plots. Filmed on the Somerset Levels just before the floods, it should hopefully help to put that area back on the map again. Originally targeted at the 15 to 25 age group, I have seen it played to an audience of the 55+ brigade and it got a great reception. A low budget film, it was directed by Mike Anderson, a great "people person" who formed a great bond with both actors and crew and deserves huge success for this effort. No doubt, because it is low budget, it will have its critics, but in my view, it is well worth going to see - excellent entertainment.

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