Star Trek Beyond


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Idris Elba as Krall
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Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk
Simon Pegg as Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Finn_Rllm 9 / 10

Still in the Shadow of the first Film.

*At first i have to apologize: Sorry for the bad English, I am not a native speaker.*I am a big fan of the Star Trek Series and when I was young I loved the old series and movies. When in 2009 the first "new" Star Trek movie arrived I was excited about the good cast and the intelligent Plot. The second one doesn't have this tricky intelligent story the first film has, but was also a good movie. The Third one with the sub title "Beyond" is unfortunately more like the second movie, but pro's first and here we go. Star Trek Beyond from director Justin Lin, who is known for Fast and Furious, bring some good action on the big screen. In "loud" moments Lin is in his element. Lin knows how to make some good dynamic action scenes. My personal Highlight is the Enterprise fighting scene with Beastie Boys ? Sabotage underlaid. This part of the movie is very entertaining and in these points the movie has his great strength. Also so the Cast is very lovely and with Sofia Boutella as Jaylah there is another coherent likable character. The whole cast perfectly matched and I hope to see all of these guys back in Star Trek 4 (a silent minute for Anton Yelchin, Rest in Piece!). So the action is strong, the cast is strong, whats wrong with the movie? Why it is not a 10/10 for me? So I think the story is the first problem for me. I can't help me, but the whole story is for me more a reason to go beyond different places, then a real continuation of the Star Trek saga. The hole film feels like a episode of the series but in a negative way. There is a bad guy who is bad and good guys who are good. Lin just manages not quite the whole to give it more depth and make the plot more interesting. I don't want to Spoil anybody, but the motivation of the antagonist is not very resourceful in my opinion. We all know why Captain Kirk and his crew do what they do, but there enemy is a little bit "flat". Maybe I don't get it right now or doesn't understand the big point and when I see this movie a second time I will find it, but for now Beyond has the weakest Plot. The second Point is very subjective, but for me the tracking shots were a bit to fast so that the motion blur make some whole scene not pleasant. Maybe the 3D supports this effect, but the many "moving the camera" in a circle about objects and characters were a bit too much. I never become Motion sick in any Movie. I saw the movie "Hardcore Henry" without motion sickness, but in Beyond there were some moments I have to close my eyes. With 48 frames per second I think this problem would be fixed, but with cinematic 24 frames a second it was not perfect in my opinion. Otherwise you become a typical Star Trek movie and it is fun to watch it. I think it is a Cinema Cinema Film, so watch it on the Big screen with good sound. So guys please don't hate me, but in my opinion this is the weakest one of all 3 Movies. Please don't get me wrong. "Beyond" is not a bad movie, but it stands like "into darkness" in the shadow of the brilliant first "new" Star Trek movie. So the "genre-rating" for fans is around 8.5. For everybody else it is a solid 7. So all in all it's a 7.75 what we can round up to 8/10.

Reviewed by awpkiller2 9 / 10

A few plot holes to consider

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Wayne 9 / 10

OK, not great, just OK

First of all I'm a Trekkie, and I love Star Trek beyond this movie. I'm not going to go deep into all of the plots holes that bothered me. but here are a few.SPOILER ALERT.So people ejected all over the planet, but magically found each other like if they were in the same shopping-mall. Perhaps that planet wasn't that big after all? The key to ending the battle was a simple UHF signal carrying loud music? Come on, an advanced cybernetic technology that brought Enterprise down in a few minutes start blowing up by itself just by exposure to UHF signal? I wish they would have tried a bit harder. I can think many ways how they could have carried out their attack ? perhaps having found some other artifact on the surface of the planet that disrupted the swarm.The end game when three ships, including Krall's ship ? that somehow managed to avoid the deadly effect of the Beastie Boys song ? got into this big station/space city Yorktown. Now with all the technology available to the StarBase itself, couldn't they just teleported Krall outside the station? That old piece of junk U.S.S. Franklin managed to teleport the entire Enterprise crew, but they couldn't teleport Krall ? or at least the artifact ? out into space. So they had to open a huge airlock into space. Mind you a pressure release like that would have caused a significant damage to the structure of the StarBase(Yorktown), accelerating it in the opposite direction and creating a massive inertial force. I just can't buy the inertial dampener theory in that instance. Beside these plot holes there is one more thing that bothered me the most. All of the CG sequences where they had alien solders walking around, the animation was done very poorly. For instance in some scenes, the movement of their feet was out of sync with the movement of the ground ? kind of giving an illusion of Michael Jacksons moon-walking ? that's really embarrassing. Further in some sequences they moved like robots, which they weren't ? at least that wasn't my understanding.But the movie in whole was good. I love the actors and their performances. What can I say, I love Star Trek even if it's bad.I give it a 7 due to the animation issue I mentioned above.

Reviewed by bad_syntax-1 9 / 10

Better than I thought.

Not a Star trek fan, I'm a sci-fi fan. There's a difference. Loved the first, disappointed with the second, then this. I don't know why early reviews are so positive, but anyway, it's my view. Been so long since a movie of this genre has been the complete package, story, acting, directing, CGI, etc. This movie does nothing to address that. I got bored 2/3 way in, wanting it to end. So many plot holes, just so many. Go see it, but don't have great expectations. It was nice to look at, but that's all. The bad guy started out being very good (at being bad I mean). Opening was OK, nice special effects, just no credibility. And way too much shaky camera, way to much.

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