Ride Along 2


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Olivia Munn as Maya
Kevin Hart as Ben Barber
Glen Powell as Troy
Ice Cube as James Payton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by doctorsarah 9 / 10

Simply An Excellent Action Comedy Film

Rookie lawman Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) aspires to become a detective like James Payton (Ice Cube), his future brother-in-law. James reluctantly takes Ben to Miami to follow up on a lead that's connected to a drug ring. The case brings them to a homicide detective and a computer hacker who reveals evidence that implicates a respected businessman. It's now up to James and Ben to prove that charismatic executive Antonio Pope is actually a violent crime lord who rules southern Florida's drug trade.This is simply an excellent action comedy film.I loved the black men,they are so funny .

Reviewed by sam isaac 9 / 10

The Trailer Is Way More Entertaining Than The Movie!!

I Have to admit I was suckered in by the trailer, it was exciting and action packed. I thought they were doing a Bad Boys style movie, boy was I wrong. This was like a long TV episode of an American crime show like NCIS, Hawaii Five-O, or CSI but not as intriguing or engaging.All the action is in the trailer. There's about 3 action scenes and all 3 are not that new or good, they're the type you'd see in standard TV shows. There's some poor computer game animation mixed into one action sequence(cus Kevin Hart's character loves to play computer games) which totally ruins the rhythm of that action sequence and ruins the enjoyment of it. The end action sequence looks like they couldn't be bothered, something you would have gotten in a straight-to-video 80s/90s action flick.It wasn't a good comedy either, there was about 3-4 little chuckles throughout from some of the audience including myself for some of the one liners. I read before i went in to watch this sequel that it was more of an actioner than comedy but for me it didn't deliver in either.I wasn't expecting anything new or groundbreaking storywise but at least give me something to keep me interested but its a film that came across as if they took scenes from loads of other similar films and just copy/pasted them together.It all just looked WAY too familiar and not in a good way.So overall i don't see any reason to recommend paying hard earned money to watch it at the cinema. I'd recommend waiting until it comes on TV,as it is like a TV episode anyway. Then at least you can switch over to another channel if your not feeling it.If you do want to go to the cinema to watch a comedy then i would definitely recommend DADDY'S HOME if it's still out, very very funny, you will defo leave with a smile on your face.But if your really in the mood for an action-comedy then i would recommend SPY,which was out in 2015 and is out on DVD now. Great action, very funny and very entertaining. Everyone i know that's seen it loved it.

Reviewed by CoolKid23 9 / 10

Finally Kevin Hart did not try too hard!

Honestly I thought this movie was going to to be terrible. The problem with Kevin hart is he sometimes tries too hard to be funny and he over does it but I wonder if some of it has to do with him having no control over the script. Any how his character in this sequel is not all over the place screaming at unneeded times for no reason or just trying to be the focus of attention. He actually relaxes and his jokes hit when they are suppose to. This is a quality sequel indeed. Honestly Kevin was so goo that it's a shame the story line was not better. The story really is pointless and it seems almost not even important if the characters accomplish any goals in the end. Thankfully Ice Cube and Kevin's characters keep you engaged with their back and forth bantering. Only con of this movie is the story line. I think the producers missed a huge chance for this movie to become a classic and have an even bigger trilogy.

Reviewed by Hellmant 9 / 10

Feels like just a repeat.

'RIDE ALONG 2': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)Sequel to the 2014 hit Buddy Cop flick; which paired popular comedian Kevin Hart, with rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube. This follow-up, once again has Hart and Cube playing miss-matched police detectives; this time they're trying to stop a drug dealer in Miami. The film costars Olivia Munn, Benjamin Bratt, Tika Sumpter and Ken Jeong. It was written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (they also co-wrote the first movie); and it was once again directed by Tim Story. The film uses the exact same story structure, and awkward character development, as the first movie; to less impressive results (mainly because it just feels like a repeat).The story takes place about a year after the events of the first film; with Ben Barber (Hart) about to marry his longtime girlfriend, Angela Payton (Sumpter). Angela begs her brother, James (Cube), to take Ben with him to Miami, on a drug-ring case; to get Ben out of her hair, while wedding planning. James reluctantly agrees, even though he still hates Ben; and doesn't think he should be a cop. The two brother-in-laws get in a lot of trouble together, once there.I'm a fan of Kevin Hart, and I think he's really funny (once again) in this film. I think Ice Cube is talented, but he often plays unlikable bullies; especially his role in these movies. You'd think, after the events of the first film, that James would have more respect, and love, for Ben; but he doesn't. Due to this fact, I think a lot of the humor, in these films, is too mean spirited. I did enjoy the first one, more, because Hart is hilarious (and he and Cube make a good odd couple pairing); but this movie is just too mean, and it's also extremely unoriginal (even more so than the first film). It's still entertaining though, and (like I said) Hart is great in it.Watch our movie review show 'MOVIE TALK' at: https://youtu.be/3D- Xa6uhK5U

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