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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jordan Satmary ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Werner at his best

I was lucky to see this at Sundance with one of the best audiences. Somehow, even after Werner's extensive resume, this was his most immersive and informative documentary yet. The film doesn't just touch on the basic history and fundamentals of the Internet, but provides such a deep understanding of its past, present, and future. It dives into the wonders of what is possible while carefully reminding us about its dangers, all while Werner gives a very comedic voice-over. It's a shame that Roger Ebert isn't around to view this film. I know he would've been proud of his friend for creating such an accomplishment in documentary filmmaking.

Reviewed by sfdphd 9 / 10

Amazing survey of the best and the worst of the Internet

I just saw this film at the SF Film Festival. I thought it was excellent. It was far better than I expected. I am not a tech person and assumed I would not really appreciate the subject matter. I only went to see it because I usually enjoy Herzog films and figured I would give it a chance. Wow, it kind of blew my mind to see the range of material that was covered. I was quite impressed that he managed to cover such a large canvas and each segment was fascinating. He created 10 segments, each focusing on a different perspective on tech. I really liked the fact that he started from the beginnings of the Internet and interviewed many of the earliest key people involved. This record of their experiences makes the film an invaluable document of history. I also really liked the fact that he confronted some of the very serious problems that the Internet has created in our world and didn't just focus on the wonderful aspects. Definitely check out this film, whether you love the Internet or hate it, there is great stuff here to ponder....

Reviewed by framptonhollis 9 / 10

One of the best documentaries I've seen in a while!

It's interesting how Werner Herzog doesn't even own a cell phone, but his examination of the Internet can be more smart, unique, terrifying, entertaining, weird, and funny than anyone else's."Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World" is Werner Herzog's latest documentary film, and it takes an extraordinary look at the Internet. There's plenty of screen time given to both how it affects humans, and the science behind it all. There's hackers and robots, as well as stories about Internet addiction and abuse. There's comedy, tragedy, horror-and it's all real, and it's really, really fascinating. Sometimes when a film covers a lot of material it becomes overwhelming, and tonally all over the place, but Herzog manages to balance everything just perfectly so the whole film works very well and never feels like too much.There's plenty of fun to be had watching "Lo and Behold". It's not just an average, boring science documentary, it's a genuinely entertaining movie. Some of the most fascinating people you'll ever see are interviewed, and they tell some of the most fascinating stories you'll ever hear, and it's all filled with humor and, at times, even absurdity. It's fun to watch, and it will make you think. There's plenty of questions raised that are amazing, and there's plenty raised that are scary. It's a movie unlike any other I've seen be released this year, and it will blow your mind!

Reviewed by httpmom 9 / 10

Lo And Nothing To Behold

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