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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kctx85 9 / 10

One of the most over-hyped letdowns of 2016.

So much for months of hype starting with The Woods trailer months ago which was eventually revealed to be this film.You want scary? You won't find it here unless you've never seen one of the Insiduous/Paranormal Activity/Conjuring clones to come out in the past 5 years. It uses the exact same scare tactics that made those films so successful, bringing nothing but a completely derivative experience to the table. This completely failed to capture anything that made the original such a disturbing experience. They replaced subtlety and dread with loud sound effects, jump scares, and video game glimpses of cliché figures. Did you see VHS? Did you handle it well? Congrats, you'll have zero problems sitting through Blair Witch. The first segment of VHS and the religious cult segment of part 2 are both scarier than the entirety of this film. The worst part is Wingard and his crew don't even attempt to bring any original story elements to the table. This is literally a rehash of the original story with more characters and a flying drone with updated cameras. And don't expect to have the experience enhanced by any of these. It's funny that even with the new expanses in technology they still couldn't make this thing more interesting than something that was filmed with 1999 equipment. This isn't a spiritual successor to The Blair Witch Project, it's a found footage jump scare film for millennials who loved VHS and Paranormal Activity. I'm stumped as to who this was even made for. Certainly not people who saw the original in 1999 like me. We're a little too old to fall for this shtick.

Reviewed by AdrenalinDragon 9 / 10

You can't win either way, Blair Witch

What were people expecting? The same movie as the original, or something extremely different? As for me, I thought Blair Witch was a pretty good modern take on the series. Is it perfect? No. Is it the same as the original? Well, they become quite tonally different halfway. In the second half, the new one tries something different at the cost of people moaning about it revealing too much now.I personally am glad the new Blair Witch is not exactly the same. I thought it was logical for the sequel to build up from its simplicity to something more intense. The last 20 minutes in particular was quite nerve-wracking, and the ending is no worse than what the original Blair Witch Project did. I think the problem is that when The Blair Witch Project came out, it was a groundbreaking low budget film that made its scariness effective though simplicity.The new Blair Witch didn't want to retread the "exact" same ground the entire time, so they tried to make the second half different to try and appease the people who found the first film boring as hell. The result is mixed on people saying it's too different from the original, or too similar to other found footage films. I think they got the balance just right here, and the characters for the majority of the time made reasonable decisions and had good equipment with them to justify all of the recording and situations they were in. If there's a significant flaw I can point out with it, then the "jump scares" were maybe done too much to the point where a character says to stop doing that. However, make no mistake, this movie is pretty terrifying. I still prefer the original though, but of all the found footage movies I've seen, Blair Witch has quite a significant amount of effort put into it.7.5/10

Reviewed by himes-38118 9 / 10

A Great And Decent R-Rated Movie.

James Donahue finds a recently-uploaded video, containing an image which he believes to be his sister Heather who disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while investigating the legend of the Blair Witch. Believing she is still alive, James makes plans to head into the woods, accompanied by friends Peter Jones, Ashley Bennett, and film student Lisa Arlington, who wants to make her own documentary based on James' search. Local residents Talia and Lane, who uploaded the footage from a video tape they found in the woods, join them on their search.Upon entering the woods, Ashley cuts her foot while the group is crossing a shallow creek. Setting up camp for the night, Lane and Talia discuss the disappearance of Heather's film crew, as well as other mysterious occurrences in the region, all of which they ascribe to the Blair Witch. After hearing noises in the woods during the night, and after inexplicably oversleeping until 2.00pm, they find strange stick figures twined together hanging from the trees surrounding their camp. Unnerved, the four friends elect to head home, despite Lane and Talia's reluctance. Lisa notices a roll of twine in Lane's backpack and accuses him of crafting the stick figures as a prank. Lane and Talia are kicked out of the group, after admitting to the ruse. After several hours' walking, the four arrive back at their original campsite, their GPS information proving to be inaccurate. Lisa sends up a drone to obtain an aerial fix of their location, but it malfunctions and crashes into the trees. Ashley develops a fever and becomes bedridden. The team is forced to camp again as night falls and Peter goes to gather firewood. After hearing strange sounds, he is chased by an unseen force which causes a tree to collapse, gravely wounding him. James, hearing Peter's cries, searches for him but only finds his flashlight by the collapsed tree.During the night, James and Lisa hear more sounds outside their tent. Moments later, Lane and Talia emerge looking haggard, claiming they have been wandering in the woods for five or more days without a single sunrise. Believing that he is hallucinating, Lane runs off while Talia begs for food and then sits by the fire and stares blankly. The following morning, James and Lisa are stunned to find that the sun indeed has not risen. Emerging from their tents, they discover many stick figures, much larger than those crafted by Lane, surrounding their camp. Talia recognizes clumps of her own hair tied to one of the stick figures. Ashley awakens and, devastated by the news of Peter's disappearance, blames Talia for their plight, spitefully snapping her stick figure in half. Talia then crumples to the ground, her body grossly mangled, twisted and broken, before an invisible presence attacks and causes them to flee in blind panic. Ashley gets separated and removes a strange object out of her leg, inexplicably embedded in her wound. She falls to her death trying to recover the drone, stuck high in a nearby tree. The camera shows her body being dragged out of the frame by an unseen force.A rainstorm envelops the woods as Lisa and James stumble outside a house which matches the one seen in Lane's video. James looks up and believes he spots his sister in an upstairs window. Despite Lisa's pleas, he enters the house and becomes trapped in an upstairs room. Lisa is terrified by the brief sight of an emaciated entity and runs inside, ending up in the basement. She finds a crazed and now heavily-bearded Lane, who traps her in an underground tunnel. Lisa forces herself through the narrow and muddy crawlspace and emerges back in the basement and stabs Lane in self-defense. Chased by the entity she glimpsed outside, Lisa runs upstairs, seeing the same reflection in the mirror that James thought was his sister. She reunites with James and they flee to the attic and lock the door behind them. A bright white light passes through the cracks and windows of the attic before the door is forced open. James tells Lisa to face the corner of the room. He desperately apologizes to Lisa for their fate before the Blair Witch causes him to think that his sister is speaking to him. James turns around and dies. Lisa uses Lane's camcorder to indirectly view what is behind her and begins walking backwards in the hope she can escape. She hears the witch imitate James' words of apology again and, believing him to be alive, turns around before being attacked off-screen. The camera abruptly drops to the floor. The screen cuts to black.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 9 / 10

Wingard and Barrett are becoming sure-fire signs of a quality film

There are very few filmmakers in Hollywood who can be considered a sure thing. Even some of the best, like Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino, can have their off moments and deliver a mundane experience. Christopher Nolan is the only one that comes to mind for me, who is just certain to succeed in everything he puts out there. Now it's still far too early in the careers of Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard to put them in that kind of a category, but the fact remains they are making fantastic films time and again. 'Blair Witch' is no exception.We all remember the original 'The Blair Witch Project' back in 1999. It was an astounding success that made a ton of money. It really had the potential to be the first of the multi-sequel series that are all too common today ('Saw' and 'Paranormal Activity'), but unfortunately the first sequel 'Book of Shadows' bombed, and that was that. Until today that is. 'Blair Witch' really snuck up on everybody. It was made in secret and not even announced until two months prior to being released. With an effective trailer though the hype was immediate and abundant.The film couldn't be further really from the original in terms of style, but all that shows is that Barrett and Wingard are moving with the evolution of horror. The original got by with the intensity that 'found footage' can create, but due to the popularity of this genre today (ironically caused by the original 'Blair Witch') audiences are all too used to it and need something more. So the intensity is ramped up about ten notches throughout. The big finale (which was very brief in the original) is much more drawn out this time around and creates a quite amazing sequence in the film. It's very rare that I feel any emotion whatsoever in horror films today, possibly because I have simply seen so many of them, so when a film does give me an uneasy feel, not only do I welcome it with open arms, but I commend that film immensely as well. That was certainly the case here with 'Blair Witch'. Another brilliant showing from Barrett and WIngard and as I always seem to be saying about them, I can't wait to see what they do next.

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