Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by muslimbellydancer 9 / 10

Me and my dear son Muhammad enjoyed watching this great family movie.

I can not believe how this great family movie is so underrated despite the fact it is a terrific movie.Me and my dear son Muhammad enjoyed watching this perfect family movie from the beginning to the end. The low ratings does not clearly prove that the film is bad.Also,the negative comments by movie critics and IMDb critics don't necessarily mean that this movie is bad at all.It is important to tell you that this film: "Alvin and The Chipmunks:The Road Chip" is currently achieving enormous international success at the movie box office. In the USA,it is a new entry at number 2 and elsewhere,it is number 1.(This is a very good evidence that despite the low rating,the movie is successful ).Finally,I advise every person whether an adult or a child who want a fantastic comedy/adventure movie is to see this movie and you will be quite happy.

Reviewed by dascot10 9 / 10

Really great movie for the whole family

This was a wonderful fun film with fantastic music and a great family friendly message. There were great actors in it like Tony hale, (and of course Jason lee) but also great cameos. My kids were dancing for half the movie. Seemed smarter and heart warming than most. We loved it! I would recommend to anyone, even people not familiar with the franchise as it seemed to play great for kids and also the adults! It plays like a musical with pretty incredible dance sequences. And the music seemed hipper than usual. Kids are already asking to see it again, so will probably go back before new years. We also loved the message about blended families in it, the ending is really sweet, and makes you feel great when you come out of the theater.

Reviewed by Mohd Izwan 9 / 10

Great movie for all ages!

Awesome movie for kids.It so funny!! All the soundtrack is awesome.This movie is worth to watch! The reason why this movie is awesome is:01. All chipmunks face is cute 02. The storyline is perfect 03. The location that chosen is perfect. 04. The soundtrack that chosen in this movie is great with chipmunks voice. 05. The chipmunks voice is great!So, this movie was recommended for all ages.It should be rated G and the IMDb is should be 6 not 3!! 20th Century Fox and Regency Entreprises was do the great sequel for this series. I hope this movie will getting a sequel again and it was perfect then another series.I hope this movie will be the top movie after Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Not as bad, cute storyline

It actually wasn't as bad as I thought. It's a good family movie and had a much better plot than Chipwrecked. I do advise you to watch the first and second one before this one, so you know what's going on and who the characters are. They could've left out the "potty" humor, but there wasn't much. I liked it a lot and it's definitely aimed at kids. It's not a must-see, if you want to an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, I'd suggest watching the Chipmunk Adventure, Meet the Wolfman, or the first one in 2007, but if you want to entertain your kids for an hour and a half at a movie theater then knock your socks off. Overall cute storyline with a talented cast and moments that will make your child and maybe even yourself laugh.

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