YTS RSS Most popular Torrents in the smallest file size RSS Feed en-en Copyright 2020 The Devil's Rain (1975) The Devil
IMDB Rating: 5/10
Genre: Horror

A bunch of Satanists in the American rural landscape have terrible powers which enable them to melt their victims. However one of the children of an earlier victim vows to destroy them. ]]>
Fri, 10 Apr 2020 06:04:00 +0000
Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge (2016) Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge (2016)
IMDB Rating: 5.5/10
Genre: Biography, Drama, Romance

Follows the famous physicist and chemist Marie Curie and her struggle for recognition in the male-dominated science community in early 20th century France. ]]>
Fri, 10 Apr 2020 07:48:00 +0000
Inspector Blunder (1980) Inspector Blunder (1980)
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
Genre: Comedy, Crime

The clumsy son of a deceased police hero joins the police and his task is to protect a reporter from the most famous gangster of Paris. ]]>
Fri, 10 Apr 2020 05:08:00 +0000
Mustat perhoset (2011) Mustat perhoset (2011)
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10
Genre: Biography, Drama

She searched for a home, she searched for love. Confronted by Apartheid and a father who was Minister of Censorship. With men like Jack Cope (Liam Cunningham) and Andre Brink, she found much love, but no home. In his first speech to the South African Parliament, Nelson Mandela read her poem "The Dead Child of Nyanga" and addresses her as one of the finest poets of South Africa. ]]>
Fri, 10 Apr 2020 04:19:00 +0000
Ready, Willing & Able (1999) Ready, Willing & Able (1999)
IMDB Rating: 4.7/10
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Samantha Martin is injured during a mission and is forced to retire from the CIA. She discovers a mole within the CIA is working with terrorists to acquire chemical weapons set to be destroyed by the U.S. Goverment. Unable to contact the CIA, she forms a rag-tag group of fellow CIA cast-offs to stop the terrorists and uncover the rogue CIA agent. ]]>
Fri, 10 Apr 2020 06:26:00 +0000